• Mother-Friendly Provider Listings

    This is a listing of local care providers who have endorsed the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative (MFCI) and are professional members of our organization: Childbirth Education Chiropractors & Craniosacral … [Continue Reading]

    Mother-Friendly Provider Listings
  • Meetings & Events

    Events for Expecting Parents & Birth Professionals The Alaska Birth Network offers free monthly meetings for expectant parents and birth  professionals and hosts special events throughout the year. To find out our meetings … [Continue Reading]

    Meetings & Events

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Non-Violent/Compassionate Communication Seminar, April 2014

Compassionate / Non Violent Communication Seminar, April 25 – 27, 2014 nonviolent communication seminar 2014 nonviolent communication flyer Whether you are a mom frustrated and need new skills to help communicate with your children (Sunday Portion) Or a Health Care worker looking for tools to better communicate with your patients (Friday Portion) Or just tired [...]

2nd Annual Red Tent Event!

Join us for the second annual Red Tent Event! Saturday, March 23rd, from 5-8:30 PM at Laughing Lotus Yoga in Anchorage   “Imagine a woman who believes it’s right and good she is a woman.” Patricia Lynn Join us for our 2nd Alaska Red Tent Event where women of all ages and experiences come together [...]


Skin-to-skin, right after birth.

Did you know that skin-to-skin contact during the first 60 minutes after birth is crucial for breastfeeding and bonding ?  The best way to insure a good start is by immediately placing the baby on mother’s bare chest after birth.  This is when baby is most alert and the latch reflex is strongest.  Many hospitals use this crucial bonding time to [...]